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Kicking Design Ass for 20 Years

Create & Destroy is made up of a consortium of designers, typographers, writers, and even one smarty-pants who worked at The New Yorker. They've plied their trades on both Coasts and also that place in between the Coasts. They share in common a love of aesthetics, design, words, and mainly dry humor. Over the years, every time they thought of something clever, someone would say, "Hey, that would make a great t-shirt." Of course, we never got around to it until now.

As designers, we're super particular about everything, especially our t-shirts, because that's the only thing we wear...besides pants. We love pants too.

If you think we're doing an amazing decent job, we'd love to hear from you. After working in this industry for a long time, we've steeled ourselves to withstand harsh criticism. We'll still cry, but only on the inside.

A Team of One, With Many Personas

Rey - art director + minimalist
Has exquisite taste, is an aesthetician, wait what?, loves architecture and interior design, collects "designer" furniture and street art, will judge you by your shoes.
Favorite typeface - Neutraface 2

Jeff - brand designer
He loved design, then didn't and almost became a lawyer, now he loves design again. Where's many hats, but keeps losing them.
Favorite typeface - Brandon Grotesque

Andrew - writer
From New York, he spent his formative years hanging out on St. Marks Place in the East Village. Used to work in publishing, but sold out to the tech industry. Loves tattoos and his cats.
Favorite typeface - Hoefler

He's the jock of the bunch, but he prefers "athlete." He claims he knows Jujitsu and has been in a bunch of hockey fights, yawn. He thinks Helvetica is beautiful but not ideal for the web.
Favorite typeface - Open Sans

Geoff - marketing + copywriting
He hates to be called G-Off, spends way too much time using social media. Has the first and probably only TikTok account. He also loves gaming and wants everyone to know he's level 40 in Pokemon Go and Master III in Clash Royale. Whatev.
Favorite typeface - Roboto